About us

TDJ Pitango Ventures is a Polish-Israeli technology focused Venture Capital fund.
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We invest using the smart money formula and support the best founders in scaling their startups globally. We concentrate on early and growth phases, investing $1m-$5m per round into startups with strong technology, operating on large or quickly growing markets.

Drawing on over 25 years of successful VC investment experience we employ deep knowledge and understanding of what it takes for an organization to become a truly global company and how to build impressive value. We actively support our portfolio startups in the value building journey by providing them the access to our network or by attracting the best experienced senior talent to the startups. We help in fundraising of the next financing rounds and actively support in the exiting process. We also bring the expertise related to strategy and business development, HR and growing pains challenges as well as legal and finance.

We are Founders-friendly, invest in minority stakes and very much like to co-invest with other, smart investors, who bring value to the table.

TDJ Pitango Ventures is supported by the National Center for Research and Development.

Founders of TDJ Pitango Ventures

Pitango Venture Capital

The largest Venture Capital fund in Israel. The value of the capital under management is $ 2 billion. Pitango has been operating since 1993 by investing in technology companies in a variety of areas, including: network solutions, wireless and mobile technologies, enterprise software, Internet and media, health and medical devices, and clean technologies. Since its inception, the fund has invested in over 200 companies and has completed more than 80 exits. Some companies now operate globally and others have become part of corporations such as Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, Intel, Facebook and Oracle. More


A Polish family-owned firm building long-term value by investing in the areas of Equity, Venture, Estate, Finance, and Foundation. The largest being Equity, which deals with acquisitions of mature businesses. The TDJ portfolio consists of industrial companies, including those listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange: FAMUR, Zamet, and PGO. TDJ is also active in commercial and housing real estate projects. Through the TDJ Pitango Venture, it invests in innovative technological startups. The TDJ Foundation carries out a variety of projects focused on supporting the education and personal development of children and young people. More