TDJ Pitango Ventures zainwestował w CallPage

TDJ Pitango Ventures' First Exit

In 2018, our fund became the leading investor in CallPage, following our involvement with Stethome as a funder.


A 17 million PLN funding round made us the lead investor in the CallPage startup – a Krakow based company which allowed users to monitor customer behaviors on their websites, allowing contact with clients to be made within 28 seconds. CallPage was established in 2015 by Ross Knap, Sergey Butko and Andrew Tkachiv.
After almost 4 years, we are exiting this investment, which also happens to be our fund’s first ever exit – CallPage’s new investor is SaaS Labs, an American-Indian automated platform for sales teams in small and mid-sized firms.
“Having invested in CallPage over the years, we are pleased to see it taken over by SaaS Labs. Once it showed being in profit in the second half of 2021 and then adjusted its product to meet the needs of international markets, this is the right direction for the firm led by Ross Knap to go in,” according to Wojciech Fedorowicz, Managing Partner at TDJ Pitango Ventures.
As a fund, we supported the company in terms of its operations, especially during some critical periods, while offering access to the global network provided by our Israeli partner – the Pitango Ventures fund.