TDJ Pitango Ventures na Wolves Summit

TDJ Pitango Ventures at Wolves Summit

TDJ Pitango Ventures took part in the next edition of the Wolves Summit, during which it met with many promising startups.


 “We are pleased that more and more entrepreneurs are considering the global scale of their business from the very beginning when planning their development. This is one of the basic conditions for really great success. Our role as an investor is not only to transfer funds, but also expert support of the company’s operations. We are very pleased with the growing expectations of entrepreneurs regarding VC funds in this area. “- Wojciech Fedorowicz, Managing Partner of TDJ Pitango Ventures, summed up the summit meetings.
The Wolves Summit is one of the largest networking events in Central and Eastern Europe, with startups, investment funds and corporations alike taking part. In April, the 7th edition of this event took place, and as a result of this project over 14,000 investor meetings have taken place.
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