Stethome once more recognized by Forbes!

Poznań based Company from our portfolio listed as one of 4 technological startups to lead the way in 2020!


In Autumn last year, Forbes published story concentrated on Polish startup which has developed intelligent stethoscope. This year greeted us with even greater notability, Stethome got once again Acknowledge by Forbes in article dedicated to 4 AI startups that are going to shake things up for such industry sectors as property, marketing, retail and medicine. Companies mentioned in publication are going to, not only set the trail for others but they are also set for huge growth and ready to make use of new opportunities in 2020. Stethome was honored together with two British and one Irish startups.
Stethome is a digital health company developing a smart, connected stethoscope as well as innovative AI algorithms detecting anomalies in the lungs and heart of patients, taking advantage of the growing telemedicine space. The system provides patients with the information whether a doctor visit is necessary and further supports doctors during the examination, thus improving primary care and minimizing unnecessary doctor visits.
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