GGPredict has ended round of investment fundraising, securing USD 1 million in new funding.

The Warsaw based startup secured one million US dollars in financing for further development and expansion to the US and Scandinavian markets. Considering the speed with which e-sports are growing globally, GGPredict wants to scale up and has massive potential to succeed.


GGPredict has created an analytical-training platform for gamers taking part in Counter-Strike matches. This tool allows e-players to develop by helping the understand their gaming performance and effectively train under the watchful eye of experienced CS:GO competitors and coaches. GGPredict has just secured 1 million US Dollars in funding to help it expand.
This financing round with the help of TDJ Pitango Ventures, the ongoing investor and ff Venture Capital (ffVC) Tech & Gaming, will allow GGPredict to further develop its technology and expand to foreign markets, especially America and Scandinavia.
GGPredict is creating a very well integrated team which is learning and developing rapidly, keen to draw on the experiences of the best players, coaches and psychologists in the field, capable of drawing the right conclusions. This is why it is creating a technologically advanced product in the very rapidly growing e-sports training and skills development sector which is still up very much for grabs. We had no doubt about the presence of our fund in this round and will continue to also support the GG team with our know-how and access to global networks – Tomasz Domogała, owner of TDJ and co-founder of TDJ Pitango Ventures.
GGPredict was established in 2019 by Przemysław Siemaszko, Mateusz Kamola and Daniel Zawadzki, later joined by Michał Łowigus. Its creators were working a big data firm which dealt with problems involved in analyzing Counter Strike matches. They decided to use their experience in data analysis, IT and gaming in order to create a complex tool to help players all over the world improve and develop.
The technology they have created allows each move and decision players make to be followed in real time during gameplay. Based on the data gathered, platform algorithms analyze 250 elements of each match being played which are then compared with a database of almost a million games already completed. GGPredict’s artificial intelligence (AI) learns positive and negative player behaviors in order to be able to suggest the best reactions for each scenario.
Working on GGPredict with more than 25 thousand players we noticed most of our clients spend more than 20 hours per week playing Counter-Strike. By making this time more effective and wisely used, we believe we deliver players not only savings in time and money, but also great satisfaction and joy derived from making much more rapid progress. Even with the beta version of GGPredict our users advanced to higher rankings 10% more frequently than average CS:GO players – Przemysław Siemaszko, CEO of GGPredict.
The GGPredict has joined forces with the best CS:GO players and coaches by using their pragmatic experience of more than 20 years of analytical know-how and data gathered using algorithms. The effects of this synergy are personalized gaming plans which adjust to the playing styles of our clients. The company is planning to simultaneously develop similar technologies which will allow players to hone their skills at games such as DOTA 2 and League of Legends.