Seed Competition

Even up to 1 million PLN for each of the best startups. The TDJ Pitango Seed Competition starts.

TDJ Pitango Ventures is looking for gems in the seed and pre-seed phase – the best teams can expect high funding and participation in tailor-made mentoring programs. The best startups in the field of AI/machine learning, fintech, the blockchain, e-sport, quantum computing or e-health among others can apply to the Competition at the The deadline for submissions is 11.03, and the winners will be announced during the great gala in April 2019.


Even up to 1 million PLN for each of the companies selected during the TDJ Pitango Seed Competition. The TDJ Pitango Ventures, a Polish-Israeli VC fund, wants to find the best, innovative teams and technologies on the Polish startup scene, and finance their first phase of development. “What is innovation today was once just an idea” – sounds the main slogan of the competition. Creators of the competition are aware of the fact that leaders and their groundbreaking ideas need more than just knowledge, networking and hectolitres of coffee. That is why a seven-digit funds injection is offered to each of the winning start-ups.
– Our initiative is addressed to teams from Poland, planning incubation in Poland or having co-founders from Poland. We are looking for companies in the seed phase, operating for less than 3 years. We invite teams that are in the process of preparing for the first implementations of a product or technology and looking for customers for their innovative solution. The vision and courage to create a breakthrough and global technologies is also an important evaluation criterion here – emphasizes Daniel Star, managing partner of TDJ Pitango Ventures and one of the jurors of TDJ Pitango Seed Competition.
The jury also includes representatives of other funds such as VC, NCBR, Google, Startup Poland Foundation, Plugin Foundation, TDJ, and Business Insider Polska. The winners will be announced during the April final gala. Apart from financing, they will also receive a tailor-made “smart money” package in the form of managerial and mentoring support of experts from the TDJ Pitango Ventures network. An important part of TDJ Pitango Seed Competition is also to strengthen the startup community and connecting it with ecosystems of large corporations or technological hubs.
– We give our capital, energy, and knowledge for one purpose: We are looking for the best of the best in several areas between technology and business. Are you developing services or products in the area of AI/machine learning, fintech, the blockchain, e-sport, quantum computing or e-health? Welcome on board” says Wojciech Fedorowicz, managing partner of TDJ Pitango Ventures and jury member of the competition.
– TDJ Pitango Ventures is a fund in which we combine public and private resources and know-how of our Israeli partner to support the most interesting R&D projects of Polish companies. Seed Competition is the essence of what our fund gives: it is not only financing but also valuable and unique substantive support, thanks to the combination of competence and experience of our partners – says Prof. Aleksander Nawrat, deputy director of the National Centre for Research and Development and jury member of the competition.
How to apply for accession to the competition? The best way to do this is by filling in the form at, where you will also find all the information about the competition. Applications are accepted until midnight March 11, 2019. Next, a jury will decide which of the submitted companies will be selected to the final group. Who will receive an injection of up to one million PLN? This will turn out during the final gala in April.