About us

TDJ Pitango Ventures is a Polish-Israeli venture capital fund. We invest in technology, innovative startups with global potential. TDJ Pitango concentrates on projects in the early startup and growth phases. In case of interesting projects, it also invests in the seed stage.
TDJ Pitango Venture’s fund size is $ 55 million. The planned duration of the fund is 10 years.TDJ Pitango Ventures is based on the joint potential of the Polish TDJ industry group and the Israeli Pitango Venture Capital fund. The mutual passion and experience of the two entities involved in business development have enabled the creation of a fund capable of successfully and repeatedly investing in the latest technology and creating global companies. TDJ Pitango Ventures was created with the support of public funds from the National Center for Research and Development.TDJ Pitango Ventures offers not only financial investments. As part of the cooperation with the fund, startups can rely on TDJ’s comprehensive business support, which results from the company’s decades of experience in business management. Participation of the Pitango Venture Capital provides access to the unique know-how and coaching available in Poland for the development of innovative startups.The fund offers access to its business planning and business development experience, including go-to-market and global business development. Involvement of experienced management partners allows for top quality mentoring. TDJ and Pitango provide their knowledge of HR, finance, legal issues, and fundraising.

Founders of TDJ Pitango Ventures

Pitango Ventures Capital

It is one of the largest Venture Capital funds in Israel . The value of the capital under management is $ 2 billion. Pitango has been operating since 1993 by investing in technology companies in a variety of areas, including: network solutions, wireless and mobile technologies, enterprise software, Internet and media, health and medical devices, and clean technologies. Since its inception, the fund has invested in over 200 companies and has completed more than 80 exits. Some companies now operate globally and others have become part of corporations such as Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, Intel, Facebook and Oracle. More


It is a Polish private investment company. TDJ’s activities are divided into specific areas. The largest of these is the Equity area that deals with acquisitions of mature businesses. The TDJ portfolio includes industrial companies, including those listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange: FAMUR SA, Kopex SA, Zamet Industry S.A. And PGO S.A. The TDJ Group is also active in the real estate sector through its TDJ Estate company. The new field of activity is TDJ’s support for innovative projects that are carried out within the Venture area. TDJ shares its success with corporate social responsibility. Within it, the TDJ Foundation carries out a variety of projects focusing on supporting the education and personal development of children and young people. More
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