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We are no longer issuing new editions of “Behind the Scenes,” but you can still find valuable information in our archives.

We hope our previous content will help you grow your wings and soar to new heights.



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Portfolio monitoring

We recently talked about the investment process and why you have to meet with us so often and make so much contact before we arrive at a decision as to whether the time is right for us to start working together.



Why do we contact startups numerous times?

A founder approaches a VC, who arranges a meeting… then another and another and still they keep asking for more data. Sounds familiar? Are we causing you frustrating?



Can founders be replaced as CEOs?

An Arab proverb suggests the greatest wisdom comes from knowing oneself, and though this may sounds like a hollow truism, in the world of business it makes perfect sense – especially when we think about our role in a startup which is being established or already exists.